The New Standard in Lithotomy Positioning

The unique patent pending design provides 22˚ more lithotomy range of motion than traditional stirrups.

The KYRA Comfort™ 350 Stirrup

Designed to improve infection control with optional KYRA Secure-Lok™ straps
Easy to clean durable silicone straps
Boots sized for today’s heavier patients
More pressure reducing padding
4” more working space with increased range of motion
Optional integrated clamps


The KYRA Comfort™ 350 boot accommodates up to the 95th percentile leg size patients weighing 350 lb.
Patient Weight Capacity: 350 lbs (159 kg)
Lithotomy Range: +85° to –55°
Abduction Range: +25° to –9°

Product Codes

PC: KYRA3000 KYRA Comfort™ 350 Stirrups w/ traditional straps
PC: KYRA3100 KYRA Comfort™ 350 Stirrups w/Secure-Lok™ straps
PC: KYRA3500 KYRA Comfort™ 350 Stirrups w/ integrated clamps & traditional straps
PC: KYRA3600 KYRA Comfort™ 350 Stirrups  w/ integrated clamps &  Secure-Lok™ straps

The Purple Stirrup Catalog


This product is covered by one or more issued or pending patents.

*VELCRO® is a registered trademark of VELCRO BVBA and is not associated with Kyra Medical, Inc.
[1] Patents pending in the United States Trademark and Patent Office. [2] The unique design of the boot accommodates legs with 4 inches more circumference than traditional 500 lb. patient weighted stirrups while providing 1/2“more pressure reducing cushioning. The outer dimensions are equal to that of the market leader while the inner dimension are a full 2” larger. The market leading stirrup boot is the same size for both 350 lb. and 500 lb. patient weight rated stirrup. Data on file. [3] “severe and permanent injuries” were sustained …reported in the FDA’s Maude Data Base from a pinch hazard present with the market leading stirrup