KYRA® Armboards & Pads

  • KYRA2000 Trigger Armboard Top
  • KYRA2000 Trigger Armboard Bottom

KYRA Trigger Armboard

Integrated clamp snap locks onto rail at any position. Designed to prevent fluid ingress. Radiolucent, ultra durable strong material. Eliminates gear grinding and pinch hazards. One-hand adjustable. Pad not included.

Dimensions: 26″ x 5.5″ (66 cm x 14 cm)
Armboard Weight: 4.0 lbs. (1.8 kg)
Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs. (227 kg)

KYRA2000     KYRA Armboard (US)
KYRA2005     KYRA Armboard (EU)
KYRA2006     KYRA Armboard (UK)
KYRA2008     KYRA Armboard (JP)

  • KYRA2009 Armboard Pad
  • KYRA8310 Soft Armboard Straps

KYRA Comfort Armboard Pad

Traditional pads with soft pressure relieving foam. Available in various thicknesses. Fits armboards 26″ x 5.5″ (66 cm x 14 cm). Includes 2 Soft Armboard Straps.

Standard Pad Weight:
.8 lbs. (.36 kg) for KYRA2009/2010
.9 lbs. (.41 kg) for KYRA2015/2016

KYRA2009     KYRA Armboard Pad 1″/2.5 cm
KYRA2010     KYRA Standard Armboard Pad 2″/5 cm
KYRA2015     KYRA Standard Armboard Pad 3″/7.6 cm
KYRA2016     KYRA Standard Armboard Pad 4″/10 cm

KYRA8310 Replacement, Soft Armboard Straps

Replacement, Soft Armboard Straps

KYRA8310 (12 pack)
KYRA2050 Clamshell Pad

KYRA Clamshell Armboard Pad

Integrated clamshell strap safely encapsulates arm. Available in various
thicknesses. Fits armboards 26″ x 5.5″ (66 cm x 14 cm).

Clamshell Padded Area: 10″ (25.4 cm)
Clamshell Pad Weight:
.95 lbs. (.43 kg) for KYRA2050/2051
1.0 lbs. (.45 kg) for KYRA2052/2053

KYRA2050   KYRA Clamshell Armboard Pad 1″/2.5 cm
KYRA2051   KYRA Clamshell Armboard Pad 2″/5 cm
KYRA2052   KYRA Clamshell Armboard Pad 3″/7.6 cm
KYRA2053   KYRA Clamshell Armboard Pad 4″/10 cm