Spine Frame Accessories

KYRA6450-P Curve Spine Frame Replacement Pads

KYRA Curve Spine Frame Replacement Pads


Pair of replacement pads for the Curve Spine Frame. No special tools necessary to remove or attach the pads.

KYRA9010 Curve Crank Handle

KYRA Curve Crank Handle


Rotational handle for the Curve Spine Frame to create lordosis. Etched mark and windowed to help ensure positive connection with the Curve Spine Frame.

KYRA9060 Curve Spine Frame Connector Strap

KYRA Curve Secure-Lok™ Strap Connector


Unique tool to secure KYRA Curve to tables without side rails.
Sold in pairs. 

KYRA1100 Curve Spine Frame Cart

KYRA Curve Spine Frame Cart


Easy to push/pull with ergonomic handles. Cart keeps KYRA Curve Spine Frame secured during transport to prevent damage. Locking casters.

Cart Height: 40.75″ (103.5 cm)
Base Width: 21.625″ x 21.625″ (54.93 cm x 54.93 cm)
Cart Weight: 35.5 lbs. (16.1 kg)