KYRA® Curve™ Spine Frame

Radiolucent. Fabric Free Straps. Stable Base.

600 lbs. Patient Weight Capacity

Provides a stable platform for spine surgeries including laminectomies, decompressions and disc surgery. Intraoperatively adjustable to the desired height to get optimal surgical site exposure. C-arm compatible. Fits spine table rails and tabletops. Unique silicone straps provides better cleaning vs. hook & loop straps. Pad set included.

  • Provides maximum lordosis

  • Gel pads sized for today’s larger patient anatomy

  • Fits “Jackson style” rails and OR tables

  • Easy to clean durable silicone straps


Patient Weight Capacity: 600 lbs. (272 kg)
Device Weight: 24.4 lbs. (11 kg)

  • KYRA9000K Curve Spine Frame
  • KYRA9010 Curve Spine Frame Crank Arm

Product Numbers

KYRA9000K   KYRA Curve System (includes below)
KYRA9000      KYRA Curve Spine Frame
KYRA9010       KYRA Curve Crank Handle
KYRA9060      KYRA Secure-Lok™ Strap Connector


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