Product Videos

KYRA Armboard

KYRA Clean Catcher UroBag

KYRA Stirrups – Positioning the Patient

KYRA Curve Spine Frame

KYRA Curve Spine Frame – Crank Arm

KYRA Curve Spine Frame – Creating Space for the belly

KYRA Curve Spine Frame – Disposables

Nissen Straps (Large Size)

Nissen Straps (Regular Size)

Kyra Comfort 350 & 500 Stirrups

Kyra Clean Stirrup

Stirrup Boot Rotation for Wide Tables

Floating Boot Design – Kyra Stirrup

Kyra Stirrups – Integrated Clamps – an option for Kyra Comfort Stirrups

Eliminate Calf Pressure on the Neurovascular Bundle – Kyra Medical stirrup boot design

Kyra Medical Repair Program – Increase your Uptime

KYRA Single™ Stirrup Boot Cover

Infection Control with the Kyra Single™

KYRA Clean™ Stirrups

KYRA Comfort™ Stirrups

KYRA Secure-Release Clamp

Kyra Comfort 500 Stirrups Vs Yellofins Apex™ Stirrups | MEDITEK