KYRA® Repair Services

Cost effective stirrup maintenance for Today’s Modern OR™!

Reduce Your Downtime with Kyra Medical Onsite Repair Kits!

Onsite Repair Kits Reduce Maintenance Costs

Kyra Medical provides reasonably priced repair kits that allows you to make onsite stirrup repairs 90% of the time.

Low-Cost No-Hassle Training

Kyra Medical provides online training that will certify your biomedical/facility teams at no cost to your facility.

No Repair Cost

Kyra Medical publishes price lists for ALL anticipated stirrup repairs. You know EXACTLY what you will pay for any repair.

Reduce Costly Equipment Downtime

Only Kyra Medical allows your biomedical team to make most repairs on site; reducing costly equipment down time.

Kyra Medical Warranty
All KYRA Products are covered by a 2 (two) year warranty except for pads
which carry a (1) one year warranty.

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