A clamp designed to prevent surgical accessories disengaging from the side rail.

Clamp misuse and failure is a common cause of injuries in surgical patient positioning.¹

The KYRA Secure-Release™ Clamp

Mounts and locks anywhere
Prevents false rail engagement
Purple button safely releases clamp
Autoclave safe

Product Codes

PC: KYRA4100 KYRA Secure-Release™ Clamp (US)
PC: KYRA4200 KYRA Secure-Release™ Clamp EU)
PC: KYRA4300 KYRA Secure-Release™ Clamp (UK/ES)
PC: KYRA4400 KYRA Secure-Release™ Clamp (Denyer)
PC: KYRA4500 KYRA Secure-Release™ Clamp (Japanese 9x32mm)

The Select-Blade Clamp

  • Mounts anywhere on the table rail for fast and easy mounting.
  • Rounded ergonomic shape is easy on the hands.
  • Mounts any blade accessory.
  • Autoclavable

Product Codes

PC: KYRA4600 KYRA Blade Rail Clamp (US)
PC: KYRA4610 KYRA Blade Rail Clamp EU)
PC: KYRA4620 KYRA Blade Rail Clamp (UK/ES)
PC: KYRA4630 KYRA Blade Rail Clamp (Denyer)

KYRA CLAMPS Sell-sheet


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