KYRA® Curve™ Spine Frame

Radiolucent. Clean Straps. Stable Base.

The Kyra Curve spine frame provides maximum lordosis for Laminectomy, Decompression, Disc Surgery and Microdiscectomy procedures. The Kyra Curve has a class-leading weight capacity of 600 lbs/272 kg. The comfortable integrated gel pads allow for the most abdomen space to accommodate today’s larger sized patient.

  • Provides maximum lordosis

  • Gel pads sized for today’s larger patient anatomy

  • Fits “Jackson style” rails and OR tables

  • Easy to clean durable silicone straps

  • Kyra Curve Spine Frame
  • Ntegrated gels pads allow for more abdomen space
  • Kyra Curve Spine Frame with Velcro Straps


KYRA Curve Spine Frame weight: 31.4 lbs/14.24 kg

Product Numbers

KYRA9000K   KYRA Curve System (includes below)
KYRA9000      KYRA Curve Spine Frame
KYRA9010      KYRA Curve Crank Handle
KYRA1100      KYRA Curve Cart